MTA Capital Construction: BN Yard Repairs for the East Side Access Project Bronx, NY

Apr 08, 2014

Railroad Construction Co., Inc. was recently awarded a contract by the Metropolitan Transit Authority Capital Construction (MTACC) to rehabilitate the BN Rail Yard in the Bronx, NY.  The yard is used as both a staging area for the East Side Access project where materials are transported via work trains, and by Metro North for their garbage train unloading. The yard will remain active during the performance of the contract and RCC is coordinating closely with 1st Response Rail Service, Metro North and other contractors working in the yard. 

The work consists of removing a single track for approximately 1,200 feet, providing excavation, installing new filter fabric, ballast, ties and rail. Three other tracks in the yard will also be raised and surfaced, totaling approximately 1,500 feet. Asphalt pavement and millings will be installed to provide track crossings for trucks.  A new 24 foot swing gate and chain link fence will be installed, along with site lighting. 

We would like to thank Nick Schiavone, Kimberly Wilson and Mike Pujdak of the MTACC-ESA Construction Management; Eddie Herbst and Jerry Lesher of 1st Response Rail Services; and Janek Kozlowski of Metro North Railroad for their assistance thus far. 

We would also like to thank our subcontractors and vendors, including but not limited to, Russell Randazza of Case Contracting Ltd.; Susan Koperczak and Tony Forlini of United Energy Systems, Inc.; and Rich Sudol of Consolidated Steel and Aluminum Fence.