Oct 15, 2014

Matt Klemchalk July 21, 1978 - April 10, 2014

Matthew E. Klemchalk passed away suddenly on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at the age of 35. Matt, a Professional Engineer, worked at Railroad Construction for 14 years and was Chief Estimator of the Track Division.  He handled all track designs and was responsible for preparing technical proposals.  In addition, he was a professor at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken where he had received his Bachelors and Masters degrees.  One of his best talents was his ability to teach by example.  He loved problem solving and made it look so easy. 

At work, Matt kept his office in an order only he understood but he was always able to pull out the one piece of paper or drawing that would immediately clarify any question we would barrage him with daily.  He was one of those people always willing to help, never too busy to give his input, make a suggestion or fix a problem.  He had an innate ability to make each person feel important.  He treated everyone with respect and exhibited the virtues of kindness, patience and humility every day of his life.

Matt was a lifelong train enthusiast who lived and breathed the railroad – from model trains to saving and restoring antique train cars.  His knowledge of railroad facts was nothing short of genius.  If you wanted to take a train almost anywhere he is the one you would ask.  Given the choice of taking a train or flying, he would always choose enjoying a ride on the rails.

In December 2013 Matt became the first recipient of the Railroad Construction Family of Companies Co-Worker of the Year award, given to “an individual who exemplifies a willingness to help others and a sense of teamwork”.  Beginning in 2014, the award will be renamed in Matt’s honor.

Matt was a daily source of strength for his family, friends and co-workers and was the go to person for so many.  He was a mentor, antique collector, model railroader, caboose rebuilder, avid pianist and an amateur badminton player and was one of the nicest, kindest, gentlest, most helpful people any of us has ever known.  What a blessing Matt’s life has been and what a role model he is for each of us to emulate.  We lost a very good friend who will never be replaced and he will remain in our hearts forever.  We love you Matt!

Gary Arendt

Gary Francis Arendt passed away May 10, 2014 at home after a courageous battle against cancer.  For the last 10 years Gary was a warehouseman for Railroad Construction in Edison, NJ.  He enjoyed fishing and recently developed a new hobby of baking:  he loved bringing his cakes, cookies and brownies to the “crew” at work.  In his free time he watched the History Channel and prided himself on his knowledge of historical facts. Gary also had a natural love for all animals and helped feed and care for a colony of stray cats near the warehouse.  We will cherish his memory and mourn his loss.  We will miss you Gary. 

Wayne Bundy

Wayne Bundy passed away on January 7th, 2013.  A member of Railroad Construction’s track division for 18 years, Wayne was commonly known as “Sammy’s Right Hand Man”.  He worked on many projects as head of landside switch maintenance inspection and performed tamping and welding of switch points and frogs. Most of his days were spent working at Earle Naval Base.  Many of Wayne’s co-workers remember lively conversations with this devoted Cowboys fan about football, especially if they dared to be a Giants fan.  He enjoyed hunting, fishing and traveling with his family.  Wayne was known as a hard and reliable worker, a friend and a treasured family member to those at home and here at RCC.  He will never be forgotten.

Nefftali Conception, Sr.

Nefftali Concepcion, Sr., better known as “Tali”, passed away on October 19, 2012.  He began working with Railroad Construction in 1991 and continued with RCC as a foreman for 20 years.  His hard work and quick problem solving made him an asset, as Tali quickly became known as the “The Wizard”. Co-workers fondly reminisce about the stories he liked to tell.  A favorite of theirs was the time there was a water main break on the jobsite and everyone got soaked.  They all had a good laugh as one by one their Carhartt jackets froze solid on the cold winter day.  Tali had a kind, generous nature and tried to help anyone who needed it.  He was a loving father and husband who enjoyed spending time outdoors, listening to music, fishing and scuba diving.  Tali, you will truly be missed.