Montclair State University - Morehead Hall Renovation Phase 1

Oct 17, 2014

Beach Electric Company, Inc. has recently completed work on the Morehead Hall Renovation Project Phase 1 involving the expansion of the School of Communications and Media at Montclair State University.  Morehead Hall previously housed several student support service offices for the university.  The new facility will house offices and media classrooms.

A full 22,000 SF interior renovation was performed in the 70+ year old building including all new electric, fire alarm, telecommunications, mechanical and plumbing systems throughout.  The conference room and office spaces received specialty lighting and new LED lighting fixtures.  Four foot round pendant hung ceiling fixtures were installed in the double height lounge area.  Classrooms were updated with new media TV stations, electrical power, data and AV floor boxes that will give students access to state-of-the-art media equipment.  The upgraded fire alarm system includes a voice evacuation scheme which will allow announcements via the alarm’s speaker system.  The new devices and cabling enable communications from Morehead Hall to be reported to a central monitoring station on campus.

The electrical service upgrade required the removal of an existing exterior-mounted transformer and installation of a new high voltage disconnect and transformer inside the building.  A new 500kVA transformer was installed allowing the existing main distribution gear to provide 120/208v power to all the lighting and outlets in the building.

Thanks go to Alna Construction Corp., Square D, Automatic Suppression & Alarm Systems, Inc. and CTCI for their work on this project.