Somerset County, NJ - 911 Communications Center Expansion

Oct 17, 2014

Beach Electric Company, Inc. recently performed an electrical renovation and expansion of the Somerset County 911 Communications Center.  Upgrades included the removal of an existing 300kw natural gas generator and replacement with a new generator of equal size installed on the penthouse level of the 4-story building.

The expansion can accommodate up to twenty-one new 911 phone responders.  LED lighting and lighting controls were installed at each new work station.  A new lunch area, kitchen, IT room, electrical room and two offices were also constructed.

New electrical service was brought in to the addition which included the installation of eight new electrical panels, three automatic transfer switches, one manual transfer switch, one generator connection tap box (for roll-up temporary generators), three transformers, one 80kVA uninterruptable power supply with battery cabinet and one new 300kw natural gas generator. 

Several challenges were encountered throughout construction.  The schedule for the electrical installation was accelerated from 120 days to 88 days due to the delayed start of the project.  The logistics of the work areas, spread from basement to rooftop, required critical planning to ensure the efficient movement of personnel and equipment.  Because of the sensitive nature of the call center, coordination amongst all parties (Beach Electric, M&M Construction and the Owner) was essential to the timely completion of the project.

Beach Electric also provided supplemental engineering during the project which greatly reduced the number of service interruptions to the call center.  By coordinating the power shutdowns and transfers the project was completed without any interruptions to the crucial operations of the 911 call center.  

Special thanks go to Joe Mauti and Jaime Cipolla of M&M Construction.