Hartz Mountain – Corbin Street Siding Rehabilitation

Sep 28, 2015

Railroad Construction Company, Inc., was recently awarded a $600,000 contract by Hartz Mountain for the first phase of a track rehabilitation project to restore rail service to their 201 Bay Avenue facility in Elizabeth, NJ.  Phase 1 consists of the installation of a new crossover track in Conrail’s Corbin Street Yard which will enable Conrail to serve the siding tracks on Bay Avenue.  Phase 2, which we anticipate being awarded later this year, will include the removal of the existing double tracks and installation of 2,800’ of new track to meet current Conrail industrial siding specifications.

Work has already begun on Phase 1.  Prior to the track upgrades, 5,000 CY of stockpiled dirt was moved to a new location to make room for the crossover.  Two new No. 10 turnouts were installed in the existing track and 600’ of continuously welded rail was constructed connecting the two turnouts.  All work was performed during weekend outages to minimize the impact to the Owner’s operations.

We would like to thank Mark Kosa of Hartz Mountain, John Tulko of the Port Authority of NY & NJ, Dave Reilly of Conrail and Kyle Conti and Paul Thompson of Kyle Conti Construction for their help on this project.