Conrail Tremley Siding Extension Project

Oct 23, 2015

Railroad Construction Company, Inc. was recently awarded a $1.3 million contract by Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) for the 4,880’ extension of the Tremley Siding Track parallel to the New Jersey Turnpike in Linden, NJ. This section of crucial railroad infrastructure is located on the busy Garden State Secondary and the extended siding track will be used to stage trains waiting to be unloaded at nearby refineries.

Close coordination will be required with Conrail to prevent delays to both railroad operations and the construction process. The project includes clearing and grubbing, grading of a new trackbed, construction of over 4,800’ of new track, installation of a new No. 10 crossover and a new No. 10 turnout, removal of an existing No. 10 turnout and raising and surfacing of approximately 5,500’ of the existing mainline. The original No. 10 crossover, built on-site by Conrail, was later rebuilt by Railroad Construction to smaller track centers to allow for a straighter and safer alignment of the mainline track. Major drainage improvements will also be constructed, including the installation of two catch basins, over 500 LF of reinforced concrete pipe, 950 LF of PVC underdrain pipe and 700 LF of gabion rock wall. Outage work on the mainline is currently scheduled for several weekends in April 2015 and the project is on schedule to be completed by May 2015.

Railroad Construction Company, Inc. would like to thank Timothy Tierney, William Kaeser and David Reilly of Consolidated Rail Corporation and David Leymeister, Leo McGlynn, Drew Kelly, Nathan Comstock and Bob Peters of Jacobs Engineering.