Sunnyside Yard Platform Repair

Mar 06, 2017

Railroad Construction Co. has been awarded a $31 million contract from Amtrak to perform repairs at the Sunnyside Yard in Long Island City, Queens.  The improvements resulting from this three year job will enhance the safety and reliability of operations at the facility.

A total of thirty-six concrete platforms will be repaired or replaced between the tracks in the maintenance yard.  New non-potable water lines with fire hydrants will be installed at fourteen trenched platforms, each about 1,000’ long.  Repairs will be made to six other trenched platforms and their existing water lines.  The non-potable lines will be upgraded with a new heat trace system as well. 

Eleven asphalt / concrete platforms will be rehabilitated.  Concrete placement will be performed through the use of slicklines under the tracks to prevent interference with the catenary wires.  A new tunnel entrance will be constructed for the utility tunnel running under the yard creating a safer underground environment.

The most challenging aspect of the job is that all work will take place in an active rail yard with thirty-six tracks and their associated active catenaries.  We have received a waiver to be within 10’ of live wires and all equipment capable of fouling the 10’ line has had mechanical restraints installed.  Short periods of foul time (when all train movements in the yard are halted and equipment and manpower are free to cross the tracks safely) will be scheduled.

We wish to thank Kevin Claeson, Inu Lo and David Irving of Amtrak, GC Com, Case Electric, I.M.P. Plumbing and Quickdrop for their help thus far.