Con Edison East River Generating Station Enhancements

Apr 06, 2017

Railroad Construction Co. is working on a project to relocate existing mechanical and electrical components at the Con Edison East River Generating Station.  This station is one of a group of seven power plants which produce steam in New York City.  Producing 30 billion pounds of steam per year, it is the largest district steam system in the world.  Steam traveling through the system is used to heat and cool some of New York’s most famous addresses including the United Nations complex, the Empire State Building and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The project will bring about much needed structural and safety improvements.  The scope of work includes demolition of concrete flooring and beam encasements, installation of steel floor grating and insulation and construction of structural steel framing, platforms, stairs and safety railings. 

The designing of the re-support elements was a critical piece of the project and required an intensive period of strategic planning prior to the start of work.  Once the preparations were complete, a ten-day station outage was scheduled during which the existing structural concrete was removed. 

We are currently one month into the three month schedule.  The new flooring is almost complete after which the key structural and safety improvements will be installed.  We thank John Feliciano, Greg Hastings and Kevin McLaughlin of Con Edison, Michael and John O’Leary of O’Leary Construction Co.,Russ Randazza of Case Contracting Ltd., Chris Ryder of Fresh Meadow Power, LLC, Peter Fleming of Construction Consultation Services and Leslaine Lambert of Lambco Erecting Co. for their help thus far.