Koenig Sphere

Sep 25, 2017

Koenig Sphere, a 25-ton, 18 ft. diameter sculpture created by Sculptor, Fritz Koenig is recognized as the surviving figure that once resided between the World Trade Center Twin Towers in Austin J. Tobin Plaza.

Designed as a symbol of world peace, the Sphere has become an icon of hope and indestructible spirit after surviving the collapse of both towers following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and succumbing minimal damage.

On the evening of August 16 during the quietest hours of lower Manhattan and three weeks before the 16th anniversary of 9/11, Railroad Construction Company, Inc. (RCC) began the two day relocation of Koenig Sphere from Battery Park to Liberty Park.

In an effort to minimize impact to each park, RCC spent approximately two weeks preparing the Sphere for moving day. Temporary fence panels were installed. The Sphere was disassembled into five pieces. Each piece, sphere base and fabricated support base were carefully lifted onto lowboy flatbed trucks and tied down for the half mile transport to Liberty Park. The 20 sq. ft. and 3 ft. thick reinforced concrete foundation was demolished and removed. The area was restored to grade, backfilled, top soiled and reseeded to match existing turf.

Preparation in Liberty Park included temporary fencing to protect existing walkways, removal of approximately 80 yards of soil prior to placing 40 yards of concrete for the Sphere base and pedestal.

An infringing light post was removed and fixtures were redistributed onto surrounding light posts in the park. Displaced plants were relocated and planted.

Various pieces of the Sphere were lifted and reassembled in place. The area between the edging and Sphere skirt was filled with river stone.

Sixteen years later and permanently positioned to overlook the place it first stood for three decades, Koenig Sphere is reunited with its home at the World Trade Center.