Jul 26, 2018

The Amtrak Sunnyside Yard Platform Repair project helped earn Railroad Construction Company, Inc. a spot on the ENR 2018 New York Top Contracting Firms List.

Amtrak's Sunnyside Yard is a 36 track rail yard housing Amtrak and New Jersey Transit passenger trains. Concrete platforms are located between each track to allow railroad personnel safe and efficient travel within the yard. As concrete has deteriorated over the years, the platforms have become increasingly unsafe.

Platform repairs fall under one of three categories, with each platform approximately 1,000 LF in length:

  • 13 platforms contain an existing trench
  • 6 platforms contain a trench with an existing non-potable water line
  • 11 non-trench flat platforms contain both concrete and asphalt sections
The existing trench platform repairs include chipping concrete walls down to solid concrete, placing a new layer of reinforced concrete, and installing new diamond plated galvanized trench plates to cover the trench and make for a stable walking surface. In addition, a 2” non-potable water line with 11 hydrants and heat trace system are to be installed in the six trenched platforms without an existing system.

Non trenched platform repairs include removing any deteriorated concrete and expansion joints and replacing with a suitable equal (either new concrete or mortar mix). Any existing asphalt is to be removed and replaced with concrete resurfacer. 

The contract also includes installation of a new 6 inch non-potable water line with existing heat trace in the utility tunnel underneath the platforms, connecting to the non-potable lines in associated platforms. A new masonry building will be erected at one entrance of the utility tunnel and house a new backflow preventer and heat trace system for the new six inch non-potable water line.