Long Island City, NY

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

  • Constructed new four-track railcar storage yard with 4,000 TF of ballasted track and five #8 turnouts
  • Removed1,100 TF of existing track and four turnouts
  • Performed site clearing, excavation and grading



  • Job schedule was delayed and re-sequenced due to late completion of utility work (by others)
  • Work performed in close proximity to active tracks


Project Description
New York & Atlantic Railway, owner of this railcar storage yard, sought to increase storage capacity to accommodate upcoming freight projects in the area.  This project quadrupled the size of the facility.

Over 1,100 TF of existing track and four turnouts were removed to make way for the new layout.  Site work was performed including clearing, excavation and grading.  4,000 TF of new track and five new #8 turnouts were constructed on almost 5,000 tons of stone ballast.  All track surfacing was done using our own Mark IV tamper.

Once underway, this job ran very smoothly.  The only complication occurred when another contractor failed to relocate the railroad utilities on schedule causing delays for all subsequent contractors.  The calendar was adjusted and several work items were strategically re-sequenced.  The project was finished within the Owner’s original timetable and the yard was back in service without any delays.