Buckram Road Bridge Replacement

Locust Valley, NY

Project Highlights / Scope of Work:
  • Single Phase, Design/Build bridge Replacement
  • Replace existing steel 3-span with single span steel railroad bridge
  • Raise track elevation for additional clearance
  • Retaining wall installation for new track profile
  • Abutment modifications and repairs
Project Description:

One mile east of Long Island Rail Road Locust Valley Station stood an ancient structure known as Buckram Road Bridge. Built in 1889, Buckram Road Bridge, 134 ft. in length, carried one track with three spans. Approximately two bridge strikes occurred per year, resulting in cumulative structural damage.

The bridge and adjacent viaduct spans required total replacement. Following an investigation, design of the new roadway alignment addressed hazardous vehicle line of sight angles, minimum roadway clearance requirements of 14 ft.-0 in., lane width, pedestrian accessibility and track alignment.

RCC  replaced the 128 year-old structure in a single weekend track outage. The new elevated vertical clearance significantly reduces the probability of bridge strikes and increases safety. The new bridge reduces the number of spans from three to one, resulting in a single-span ballasted deck bridge, ultimately reducing LIRR maintenance costs.