Construction of Perimeter Floodwall, Stormwater Pumping Stations and Stormwater Collection System

Newark, NJ

Railroad Construction Company, Inc. along with Joint Venture Partner, Posillico Inc. (Railroad / Posillico JV, LLC), have been busy completing new construction and implementing upgrades to an existing plant in Newark, NJ, all designed to improve flood mitigation.

Work is concentrated on three main segments:
  • Perimeter Floodwall
  • 3 Stormwater Pumping Stations
  • Stormwater Collection System
The new perimeter floodwall will wrap around the east and west sides of the facility to protect it from flooding. The reinforced concrete and pile-supported structure with both vertical and batter (angled) piles will include both drilled caissons and concreted filled pipe.

The 3 new stormwater pumping stations that are being constructed will help protect the nearby area by pumping away large volumes of water, helping to prevent flooding. Each facility will include wet walls, pumping equipment for stormwater and dewatering and an electrical control room.

The existing on-site stormwater collection system will be demolished, the current, smaller lift station will be upgraded and a new larger station will be constructed.