Flood Mitigation - Resiliency at 17 Fan Plants & Adjacent Tunnels

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens, NY

Project Highlights / Scope of Work:
  • Furnish and install approximately 270 Mechanical Closure Devices in subway ventilation batteries
  • Marine-type flood door and barrier installation at subway fan plant structures
  • Furnish and install Emergency Egress Hatches for subway stations in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn
  • Working on multiple locations simultaneously in the four boroughs of New York
  • Work performed within active subway ventilation chambers requiring General Orders with Fire Watch and detailed work sequencing to complete scope of work
  • Specialty flood devices designed for a Category 2 hurricane with 3 ft. of head or approximately 14 ft. of water, debris impact and wave loads
  • Vehicle and pedestrian traffic maintained in busy tourist locations at Wall Street and World Trade Center
  • Work performed in quiet neighborhood locations including DUMBO in Brooklyn and Midtown East in Manhattan
Project Description:
Installation of flood mitigation measures at 17 Fan Plants throughout the boroughs of New York including Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Work included controlled demolition and placement of concrete at existing vent battery structures, allowing for installation of Mechanical Closure Devices and new gratings. Sidewalk equipment hatches and emergency egress hatches were placed at various locations. Fan plant structures were rehabilitated and fitted with watertight doors, hatches and deployable stop logs to protect against future flooding. Electrical conduit sealing occurred at specified locations between manholes.