Freedom Tower Sitework

New York, NY

Project Highlight / Scope of Work:

  • Removed existing concrete slab and poured 250 CY new high strength concrete underlayment
  • Installed stone pavers over concrete
  • Formed planting boxes and beds, planted landscaping and installed irrigation system
  • Constructed reinforced support walls for plaza
  • Removed section of slurry wall to bring in wires for phone system and restored wall


  • High security site required special clearances and certifications
  • Coordination between multiple contractors on-site


 Project Description:

Constructing the new World Trade Center is a mammoth undertaking involving the efforts of countless contractors, laborers and suppliers.  Working in close proximity at the site required all parties involved to devote long hours to pre-planning and coordination, ensuring that the timetable for construction was strictly adhered to.

Working at a high security site such as this one requires specific credentials and certifications.  All workers were required to undergo background checks and carry several qualified forms of identification at all times.  In addition, all delivery personnel required an escort on and off the premises.

Our task was to build the new West Plaza around the Freedom Tower.  First, existing concrete slabs were demolished and a new high strength concrete underlayment was poured.  Supporting walls ranging in size from 3’ to 5’ high were constructed using reinforced concrete. Above ground, planting boxes were formed and beds containing a new irrigation system were added throughout the site.  Stone pavers were laid across the length of the 200’ long plaza and together, with distinctive plantings, created an appealing look.

Additional work was done beneath the plaza in the area known as the “bathtub”.  In order to bring in the requisite new phone lines, a 10’ long by 4’ high section of the slurry wall was removed and, after all telecommunications work was completed, restored to its’ original condition.

While construction at the new World Trade Center is ongoing, some portions of the site already make it possible to envision the impressive and dignified elements that will be contained in this grand undertaking.  We as a company are honored to have contributed to such a meaningful project.