Hammels Wye - Long Term Flood Protection

Queens, NY

Project Highlights:
  • Permanent Sheeting and C.I.P. Walls surrounding the facility
  • New Compressor Building within the new surrounding walls of the facility
  • New pneumatic signal piping for all of the existing signals
  • Flood proof Stainless Steel Submarine Door installations
Work included the design and installation of a perimeter flood wall and flood gates and the construction of a new compressor building. The new flood walls were built using a combination of micropiles, jet grouting, reinforced concrete, steel sheet pile and flood gates. The 700 SF building is located in the new watertight footprint and houses compressors, air tanks, exhaust fans, pumps and electrical panels.

The work took place during two scheduled outages: Phase 1 included a 40-day shutdown and Phase 2 a 60-day shutdown. The site itself presented numerous logistical challenges. Working around live tracks and utilities, the unusual layout of the campus and limited access (due to heavily trafficked roadways and an active adjacent dog park) all factored into the need to extensively plan and schedule every part of the job.

This project creates long-term protection for the support facilities housed on the campus. The transit yard contains signal compressor and hydraulic rooms, circuit breaker houses, crew quarters, a signal tower and a power substation, all of which are critical to local rail operations.