Hudson Transmission Project - New Jersey

Ridgefield to Edgewater, NJ

Project Highlight / Scope of Work:

  • Performed trenching and installation of 15,000 LF of concrete ductbank from Ridgefield to Edgewater, NJ
  • Installed transition pit joining cables at Hudson River entry point
  • Installed 12’ x 74’ concrete precast fluid vault for pressure equalization
  • Installed 1,000 LF of retaining walls
  • Installed six large multi-section precast 30’ x 10’ manholes and 18 smaller fiber optic manholes and link boxes


  • Limited access to work areas deep inside tunnel
  • Work areas located next to active railroad tracks and high traffic roadways
Project Description:

The goal of the Hudson Transmission Project was to increase electrical power capacity to New York City by connecting the power grids of New York and New Jersey through a complex set of cables running both underground and under the Hudson River.  The resulting two-way capability of the underground cable system provides benefits on both sides of the Hudson including a new secondary power supply for Manhattan and substantial system upgrades in northern New Jersey.

The New Jersey side of the job involved running cables across a three mile stretch from the PSE&G substation in Ridgefield to the Hudson River entry point in Edgewater.  A large transition pit was built at the river bank allowing the cables to be spliced to those running under the river.  A total of 15,000 LF of reinforced concrete ductbank carrying the 230kV and 345kV cables was installed in a variety of locations including under well-travelled roadways, next to active railroad tracks, under a creek and inside an abandoned railroad tunnel. 

Almost 2,000 LF of horizontal directional drilling was performed under River Road in Edgewater and Bellman’s Creek between North Bergen and Ridgefield, NJ.  Another mile of ductbank was laid inside an abandoned railroad tunnel.  The tunnel work presented the usual problems of tight work spaces and limited access for deliveries and equipment.  An additional 2,000 LF was installed next to active railroad tracks and our work was scheduled around the NYS&W railway timetable.  1,000 LF of precast retaining walls was constructed next to these tracks.   Nearly a mile of ductbank was installed near busy roads.  Six large multi-section manholes and 18 smaller fiber optic manholes were added along with several link boxes.

This project not only increased the reliability of the power supply in Manhattan but also provided extensive long term upgrades and reinforcements to the existing transmission system in New Jersey at no cost to the taxpayers.  The electrical cost savings and environmentally friendly improvements will have a positive impact on the area for years to come.