MTA Capital Construction Harold Trackwork Part 3

Long Island City, NY

Project Highlights / Scope of Work
  • Installation of the largest turnouts by any contractor in North America.
  • Work performed in the busiest interlocking in the country.
  • Coordination with LIRR, Amtrak and New Jersey Transit.
  • Working 24/7 during track outages to meet the schedule.
Project Description
Harold Interlocking, located in Long Island City, NY, is the busiest rail junction in the nation, serving Amtrak and Long Island Rail Road trains. This contract, CH057D, provided infrastructure improvements to alleviate congestion and improve safety.
Over 4,000' of existing track was removed and the site was excavated. New track bed was installed and 7,000' of new track on concrete ties was constructed. Ten new turnouts were added, size No. 20 up to No. 26.5 and site work and drainage improvements were also included. Majority of the work was performed during three continuous outages, 37 days, 16 days and 9 days, working 24 hours around the clock. Adjacent tracks stayed in operation during the project to minimize interruptions.
More than 700 LIRR and Amtrak cars are moved through this interlocking daily at speeds up to 60 mph, making planning and preparation for the outages of the utmost importance for scheduling impacts and personnel safety.
This project was completed on time and on budget.