Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Fabricated and erected four new canopies at island platforms, elevated platform and station entrance

• Performed intricate fabrication involving hip and valley roof framing members

• Produced and installed historic reproduction handrails

• Fabricated and erected new canopies at bus shelters and light rail stops

• Dry-fit canopy members at our facility prior to delivery



• Lack of space / staging areas characteristic of working in an urban environment

• Production to comply with state regulations for historic restoration


Project Description

New Jersey Transit’s Newark Broad Street Station was built in 1901.  It serves both bus and train passengers.  The station’s historic architecture includes an elegant clock tower and a brick and stone facade.  The much needed renovations included both historic restoration and accessibility improvements to the platforms.

Four new canopies for the island and elevated platforms were fabricated at our shop in Southampton.  Thanks to the size of our facility and the lifting capacity of our overhead cranes, we were able to pre-assemble the complex hip and valley roofing members of the station entrance canopy ensuring a proper fit before delivery to the site.  The adjacent bus shelters and light rail stops received new canopies as well.  All elements conformed to the state regulations for historic restoration and were designed to match the look of the original station.  A new access stairway to the elevated platforms was also fabricated and erected which included stainless steel handrails.  The final portion of our work was the creation of reproduction guardrails designed, built and painted to match the original railings. 

This project has modernized the Newark Broad Street Station, increasing commuter accessibility while restoring the facility to its’ original glory.