Paterson, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Design / build 45,000 SF two story office addition with partial basement

• Construction included over 100 offices, four conference rooms, two fully equipped kitchens, 18 tiled

   bathrooms, three private bathrooms, utility and storage rooms, two lobbies and 52 skylights 

• Installed light, power, HVAC, security, fire alarm and sprinkler systems

• Installed 3-floor hydraulic elevator, backup generator, 16-port CCTV system and computer server room

   with dedicated air conditioning

• Performed sitework including excavation, milling and paving of new 150-space parking lot, site

   lighting, security fencing, landscaping and lawn sprinkler installation

• Renovated existing 8,000 SF office building



• Lack of space / staging areas characteristic of working in an urban environment

• Accelerated construction schedule: seven months from start of construction to completion

• Office to remain open throughout construction


Project Description

Railroad Construction Co., Inc., established in 1926, has been located at the same Grove Street address since 1942.  Over the years, despite numerous additions to the original office, the company and its various Family of Companies divisions had outgrown the facility.  This new expansion would dramatically increase and modernize the company’s headquarters.

Two adjacent properties were purchased and the existing structures were demolished along with two warehouses on the site.  The new two-story 45,000 SF addition extended the existing 8,000 SF office building.  The interior contains over 100 offices, five conference rooms, multiple storage areas and two lobbies. 

Special attention was paid to creature comforts.  Each office contains either a window, skylight or transom window.  A total of 87 VAV units with thermostat controls give most offices individual regulation of temperature.  All four public bathrooms provide complete privacy as each stall is a fully enclosed room including a full vanity, sink and mirror with Italian marble tile.  Three offices include private bathrooms.  A fully operating kitchen was installed on each floor.  Other systems included light and power, HVAC, CCTV security system, backup generators, fire alarms and sprinklers.  A hydraulic elevator serves all three floors and the computer server room has dedicated air conditioning. 

The exterior is brick with 200 precast window trim elements and two precast concrete ionic columns framing an arched entryway.  A new 150-space parking lot, security fencing, automatic gates, site lighting and landscaping completed the project.

One challenging aspect of the project was the need to keep the office open throughout construction.  This was accomplished by repurposing an existing warehouse onsite into temporary office space.  Room dividers, light, power, heating, cooling, communications and computer systems were all installed and upon completion, the space was returned to its’ original conditions. The company now has a wonderful, modern facility to call home.