Route 46 over Overpeck Creek Bridge Deck Reconstruction

Bergen County, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work:

  • Removed 33,000 SF of existing superstructure including 1,100 tons of structural steel and 1,900 CY of concrete
  • Reconstructed bridge decking using pre-fabricated concrete panels on reinforced steel beams
  • Rehabilitated substructure with 86 precast concrete pedestals on piers and abutments
  • Installed two 70 ton overhead gantry cranes on temporary supports to facilitate construction
  • Completed job in only eight months
  • Received early completion bonus for 2 stages and value engineering adjustment for total project


  • Meet strict scheduling deadlines of HyperBuild program
  • Limited access to site: no water access or adjacent roadway access
  • Bridge to remain open to traffic during construction
  • Winter weather hampering construction during Phase I


 Project Description:

This bridge reconstruction modernized a structure originally built in 1900.  As part of New Jersey’s HyperBuild initiative, the project took place in three phases under an accelerated eight month schedule while allowing only minimal impact to roadway traffic.  Two of the highway’s four lanes were kept open throughout construction.

Because of the Owner’s site restrictions (no water access from below, no complete bridge closures, adjacent lanes were to remain open to heavy traffic) a unique strategy was devised to facilitate the delivery and removal of materials to the job site.  Two self-propelled, 70 ton overhead gantry cranes were installed on railroad tracks mounted to a temporary support system attached to the substructure.  The cranes would roll back and forth across the bridge carrying materials, debris and equipment into and out of the work area.  Upon completion of the final phase of work, the cranes, tracks and supports were removed.

The existing bridge deck was broken using hoe rams with debris falling into containers floating under the bridge.  The containers were removed using the cranes and trucked offsite.  The new superstructure was constructed using a precast concrete decking system on precast concrete pedestals.  Eighty-six pedestals were installed on five piers and two abutments.  The forty-two deck panels varied in length from 50’ to 93’ long and weighed up to 70 tons.  Again using the cranes, the panels were placed on 40” steel beams and welded to new seismic isolation bearings.  Strip seal expansion joints were installed at both abutments and all five piers.  All joints were filled with either high performance concrete or non-shrink grout and sealed.

Our use of the cranes enabled us to finish Phases I and II two weeks ahead of schedule resulting in both an early completion bonus and a value engineering adjustment.  The entire project took only eight months to complete and resulted in a completely renovated structure with new safety improvements and considerable cost savings for the Owner.