Hunterdon County, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• New building construction - two truck weigh station / inspection facilities

• Heavy highway construction - nearly two miles

• Bridge work - reconstruction of three bridges

• Excavation - 1.2 million CY

• Weigh-in-Motion system installation - including CCTV, roadway sensors, lights and signs

• Communication network installation- including fiber optics, video surveillance and two-way communication

• Paving - nearly two miles of roadways and bridges

• Landscaping - thirty acres



• Record setting rainfall

• Amount of rock encountered far exceeded estimates as supplied by Owner


Project Description
This challenging NJDOT project allowed us to demonstrate our skills in many facets of the construction industry.  The finished product equips the DOT with the most modern, efficient vehicle inspection facility available.  Several of our in-house divisions were involved in the successful completion of this 4 and 1/2 year job. 

Civil Work - Nearly two miles of roadway were re-profiled, widened and paved and three bridges were reconstructed.  Roadway lighting and fifteen new sign structures were added along with 90 acres of roadway drainage.  The site was completed with 30 acres of landscaping.  By far, the most fascinating and unusual part of the project was the installation of the Weigh-In-Motion system.  This technology allows for vehicles to be weighed while travelling on a highway through a series of embedded sensors calculating weight as a truck drives over the sensor pad.  The data is then relayed remotely to the control facility.

Building Work - Two completely new truck weigh stations were constructed allowing for both local and remote vehicle inspections.   The buildings were designed to blend in to their surroundings by resembling large barns with attached silos.  Each “barn” was equipped with an operating system which monitors all information from both the roadway sensors and the adjacent inspection facilities.  The installed systems include CCTV, fiber-optic communications and video surveillance