Hoboken, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

  • Installed precast concrete pavers and new waterproofing
  • Constructed cast-in-place planter walls with brick work and capstones
  • Performed masonry and brick work
  • Installed site lighting and plaza drainage system
  • Constructed new air intake structures with 8’ diameter louvers



  • Classes remained in session throughout construction


Project Description
The Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. Center at Stevens Institute opened in 2006.  This plaza was constructed atop the facility’s parking garage for use as an outdoor gathering area.

New sheet membrane waterproofing was laid onto the roof of the garage prior to the installation of concrete pavers.  The pavers are unusual in that they contain the engraved names of donors and alumni.  A cast-in-place parapet wall was constructed around the plaza with brick work and capstones adding a decorative element to the structure. A new exhaust venting system for the garage was installed including 8’ diameter air intake louvers.  The site was finished with new site lighting, modified drainage piping and handrails. 

All work was performed without disruption to the academic schedule.