Project Highlights / Scope of Work:

  • Replacing over 4,000 TF of track with new 136RE rail and Panguard fasteners with new concrete plinths.
  • Installing new steel railing along track.
  • Repainting existing safety rails between the tracks and replacing scuppers.


  • Scheduling of labor, equipment and materials for several forty-eight hour weekend outages to accomplish the following:
      • Removal of track, rail fasteners and track appurtenances.
      • Demolish concrete deck, install new 136RE rail and fasteners with custom anchor bolt lengths.
      • Setting new rail to final elevation and alignment and placing grout.
      • Returning 160 TF of track back to revenue service for Monday rush hour.

Project Description:

Removal and replacement of the existing track fastening system along the Westmont Viaduct. The viaduct contains two tracks and is 2,000 feet in length. Construction includes removal of the existing 132# rail and rail fasteners, demolition of existing concrete support plinths and trench, removal of the existing anchoring system, installation of new anchors, plinths, Panguard fasteners, and new 136RE running rail.

RCC is required to survey existing track components before and after construction to verify proper installation. Additionally, the contract includes repairs to the existing drain system, replacement of existing deck joint seals, and abatement of transite shims along the third rail insulators.

In March 2016, a mock-up track section was constructed to demonstrate the proposed work methods and materials to be used on the viaduct. This served to be beneficial as it helped identify challenges in setting the rail to the proper elevation and maintaining design super elevation.